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Greetings Citizen Philosophers,

The latest Thinking Out Loud podcast, recorded last Wednesday, Sept 3rd, has been released on iTunes. The topic was:

"What would it mean to be perfect?"

Participating were Deborah Martin, Steven Stokes, and Frank Ebbecke in cyberspace and Carole Abel and myself in the Charlottesville public library space. This represents a new milestone for Thinking Out Loud. We had, for the first time, more cyber guests than local participants. I was especially pleased to see the return of Carole Abel and Frank Ebbecke, both veterans of our original philosophy group which formed many years ago. Frank has since moved to San Antonio, Texas, and Carole moved to the country but still works in Charlottesville. Neither of them had graced us with their insights for quite awhile and I am so please to have them back in the fold. Welcome back, Carole and Frank.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the live discussion, you can read the synopsis and listen to the recording here:

As always, your afterthoughts are most welcome. Please make use of the online forums on this web site.

Finally, mark your calendars. The next Thinking Out Loud will be Wednesday, October 1st, at 7:00 pm. We will select a topic at the beginning of the next session as usual. Hope to see/hear you then, if not sooner.



If you have iTunes, you can find us listed in the Apple Music Store directory under Podcasts/Society & Culture/Philosophy, or just do a search in iTunes on Thinking Out Loud People. The direct iTunes link is:


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