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I started attending the Socrates Cafe at Barnes & Noble in the spring of 2002. Steve and Ken were alternating as moderator and asked if anyone else in the group would like to join them in this capacity. I volunteered and enjoyed moderating so much, I decided to start another group. With the support and encouragement of Ken and Steve, I searched for another location where we could meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. A new teahouse, The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, had just opened on the historic downtown mall and it seem to me to have just the right ambiance. Since "Socrates Cafe" didn't seem like an appropriate name for a group meeting in a teahouse, I decided to call the new group "Tea With Socrates". The first Tea With Socrates gathering was held on October 30, 2002.

Though I was thoroughly enjoying our local philosophical discussions, two related thoughts kept bugging me. First, it bothered me that our discussions, some of which I found highly enlightening at the time, would simply, in effect, evaporate into thin air after the meeting. I wanted to find some way to preserve what was said. The other thought was that surely there must be many others who would enjoy these philosophical dialogues, but have no idea that our group even exists. To address the first concern, I started writing down from memory as best I could some of the highlights of our discussions. To address the second concern, I created a web site entitled Tea With Socrates, where surfers could find out about us, read the highlights, and contribute their own thoughts on the subjects. That was the beginning of my own personal philosophical outreach.

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