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Citizen Philosopher is the companion web site for a philosophy discussion group that has been meeting in Charlottesville Virginia since the year 2000. The web site has undergone two major transformations. The first incarnation of this web site was called Tea With Socrates. The name came from the fact that our original "Socrates Cafe" group had had to relocate from our original venue at Barnes & Noble Cafe, to another venue at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. (You can still find the Tea With Socrates site here, though the message boxes have been disabled.)

The next incarnation was specifically tailored as a companion web site for the podcasts I started making from our philosophical discussions. I wanted to publish the podcasts on iTunes and iTunes required a "professional" companion web site for all their podcasts. To get up and running quickly, I chose to use Google's free web hosting service for bloggers called Blogger. (You can still find it here.) The podcast series was (and still is) called Thinking Out Loud, named after our local public access TV show that we ran for 11 episodes. (The TV show was basically our discussion group meeting in the TV studio.) I tried to get the thinkingoutloud.com domain name, but it was already taken, so I had to come up with another name. I chose Citizen Philosopher. I grabbed the citizenphilosopher.com domain and ported all the old material from Tea With Socrates, back-dating where necessary to fit into the blog format.

This latest incarnation, which retains the name Citizen Philosopher was prompted by my desire to get away from the restrictive blog format of Blogger and to introduce a more comprehensive and interactive web site for our group and the increasing number of visitors and podcast listeners. To incorporate these features I implement what is referred to as a Content Management System. The particular CMS I chose to use is the open source software project called Joomla. It is rich in features, is highly cusomizeable, and is continually expanding its capabilities. I am please to offer you this latest version of Citizen Philosopher. Enjoy.
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