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         Welcome to the Citizen Philosopher website, home of the Thinking Out Loud podcasts. Hello, my name is Steve Donaldson. I'm your host, webmaster, and moderator of Thinking Out Loud, an ongoing series of philosophical dialogues with everyday people.

        To listen to any of our prerecorded podcasts, click on Podcasts in the menu box on the left. There you will find a brief synopsis of each of our philosophical conversations. Just under each synopsis, there is an embedded audio player that will allow you to listen to the podcast online. Just click the small black triangle to start the player. You can also download the recording as an mp3 file and play it on your own mp3 player, if you prefer.

        To subscribe to the podcast using a podcast player, use this RSS link:


        A limited number of videos and transcripts of our dialogues are found under the menu buttons, Videos and Transcripts. We video taped a total of eleven sessions as our original public access TV production. However, due to disk space and bandwidth limitations, I can only host a few of the videos online. Special thanks go to John Tytus for encoding the original videos onto DVDs, from which I was able to generate the mp4 files for the website.

        The two transcripts we have are thanks to the hard work of Steve Stokes. They make for very interesting reading and we are very grateful to Steve for the time and effort that went into this arduous task. It would be great to have more transcripts, so if there are any volunteers out there looking for a way to contribute, feel free to email me the transcription of one or more of your favorite podcasts.

        Another way to contribute is to participate in our online discussions. Just click on the Forums menu item. You don't have to register to read the forum conversations. However, you do have to register to post your comments. Registration is free. To register, click on the create an account link on the Forums page.

Thank you for visiting.

Steve Donaldson,
Citizen Philosopher


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